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As a conceptual photographic artist, my work surrounds themes of womens work, feminine creation and survival. My bodies of work often focus on the subversion of conventional connotations of various facets of womens work, such as birth, motherhood, domestic labor and femininity. Because of this, I use photography, challenging its androcentric history and the conventional intentions of the medium. Much of my work explores creation and lifecycles, many pieces exhibiting a deterioration over time, challenging photography’s common intention of being used as an archive and a tool to preserve. By subverting the original intention of the medium, my work is intended to function as an feminine deconstruction of the historically marginalizing and patriarchal utilization of the lens.
Through use of installation and sculpture, I further push the bounds of what is considered photographic. My objects embody photographic logic while being exposed to cycles, decay and rebirth, which embodies the female experience, especially while navigating a misogynistic and patriarchal world.

Art Statement