9 > Maxim Morozov

Maxim (b, 1997) comes from an academic background, holding a BA in
art history and an MA in curatorial studies. During his time at university
he also enrolled in visual arts courses ranging from printmaking and
photography to video art and mixed media practices.

However, since 2019 he primarily utilizes photography as a medium of
choice for his artistic expression. In doing so, he prefers its analogue
modality to the digital ̶ believing that its inherent subjectivity
resonates well with the underlying forces that drive his work.

Drawing inspiration from a wide variety of artistic practices, including
early 19th century painting, pre-World War II modernist movements,
and 1980's cinema du look, Maxim considers his approach to posess
both neo-sentimentalist and existentialist aspects.

His works range from simple documentation of subject matter that
evokes an emotional response ̶ whether largely static, lifeless
scenery, or fleeting moments that come to represent a story of their
own ̶ to deliberately producing imagery that draws upon his overall
state of mind, encompasses and conveys a more comprehensive