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As an artist, my second name is "germenevtika". This term signifies the method of investigating and interpreting texts and symbols, employed to comprehend and unveil their meanings. The primary objective of germenevtika is to decipher the true essence of messages and convey their significance. This fundamentally characterizes my approach to art.
I am deeply intrigued by delving into the psychology of human interactions with one another and with the world around them, channeling human emotions into visual form. I relish dissecting emotions like joy, sorrow, indifference, ecstasy, and jealousy. Because emotions are abstract, the pursuit of visually representing them is particularly captivating.
Through my visual language, I interpret the intricacies of the human psyche and interpersonal dynamics within our surroundings. To communicate with my audience, I employ my body as one of the tools, constantly experimenting with it. In my photographs, I use handcrafted masks and various elements of the composition made from wire, fabric, paper, and silicone.

Frequently, the faces of my characters in the photographs remain concealed, diverting attention away from visages and encouraging viewers to engage with the visual image as a whole. Consequently, viewers are initially confronted with their own emotions stirred by these artworks.
The overall composition of my photographs echoes surrealism, allowing ample room for imagination and prompting contemplation.


From an early age, Kseniia was driven to share how she saw the world, using her art to blend diverse elements and convey her emotions visually. Born in Tyumen, deep in Russia, and raised amidst the indigenous cultures of Bashkortostan and Tatarstan, she learned the importance of self-expression in creativity. She refined her art skills at a painting school and later pursued graphic design at a university in Russia. Upon her arrival in Berlin in 2017, she embraced a newfound creative freedom and expressed herself through photography, her chosen medium. Her talents quickly gained recognition, showcased in exhibitions and receiving accolades. In 2023, she triumphed by winning first place in the Julia Margaret Cameron Award competition.