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Potential Space is a collaborative project to create an intimate and safe space for self-validation and discomfort. I met the women in my photographs in online forums and invited them to my home. I always started with me photographing them. Then, I would ask them to take a self-portrait without me in the room. I would tell them that they were free to change their clothing and pose however they would like. Afterwards, I would ask them to write about their experiences. This way, I let each subject’s voice be heard through collaborative texts and imagery. Inspired by the women and the atmosphere left in the room, I started to photograph myself after they would leave.

The process of taking the images was difficult for me, as it forced me to deal with feelings of blame and self-doubt, which come out often when I’m having relationships with women. As a teenager, I had panic attacks and I felt that there was no place for me to express myself. Through this project, I wanted to provide my subjects with potential space to explore their personalities so they could be loyal to who they are. I believe that this enabled me to develop a better understanding of who I am as well.

Art Statement